MRG in Santiago, Dominican Republic, 2016

MRG in Santiago, Dominican Republic, 2016



MRG is a hip hop artist born and raised in Queens, NY. The son of a father who immigrated to America from the Dominican Republic, and a Dutch-American mother, MRG's mixed heritage informs his musical style.

A powerhouse First Baseman in high school, MRG was recruited heavily by several colleges to play NCAA Division I baseball. But after sustaining a career-ending knee injury, MRG walked away from baseball and found a passion for music and has never looked back.

Counting J. Cole, Daddy Yankee, and Yelawolf among his musical influences, MRG has been rhyming since 2014 and signed with Westvilla Music in November 2016.

Shortly after the shooting of Walter Scott, MRG released "Feidin Santana," a track that recounted the brutal killing of Walter Scott by a South Charlestown, S.C. cop from the perspective of Feidin Santana, the witness who filmed the brutal murder. The track, co-signed by Mass Appeal and other blogs, helped raised awareness about police brutality against black and brown Americans. Within 24 hours of the track's release, Feidin Santana himself reached out to MRG personally to thank him for brining awareness to the violent epidemic that is police brutality.

Capable of rapping in Spanish, MRG recognizes Latinos are in search of a representative rapper and is committed to earning that title.

MRG's debut album “Live From the Hurst,” is scheduled for a Fall 2017 release.